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Quality American


Quality is our priority. We obsess over the details and making sure our customers get the best product every time.


Quality is our priority. At Alexander Tool and Supply Co., we are accountable for delivery of our products and services right the first time, on time, every time. We will satisfy customers, comply with requirements and continually improve our organizational capabilities, processes and systems.


Customer-first is our policy and that is why we have a quality guarantee. Every product we sell is backed by a quality guarantee. 


This means that if you receive a product that is defective or does not meet the required form, fit or function that it is designed for, then we will replace that product immediately. It is our mission and our dedication to you as our customer, that you receive the best products, right the first time. 


Quality at Alexander Tool and Supply is embedded in our culture. It is a function of our business that is integrated at every level and every process. It embodies a progressive mindset to improve processes. We are agile and adapt to changing conditions by paying attention to the needs of our customers. We are constantly finding opportunities to improve our products and search for ways to increase the value of our products for our customers

At the Alexander Tool and Supply Co., we employ a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach. This is an integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the Quality of our products and processes. The Alexander Tool & Supply Co. supports TQM through seven core attributes:

  • Customer-focus

  • Total employee involvement

  • Documented processes

  • Integrated system

  • Continuous improvement

  • Fact-based decision making

  • Effective communication


By engaging these seven attributes, this allows us to maintain an operating environment that puts the customer first, involves our employees at various levels of decision-making and keeps a streamlined flow of operations on track and focused on efficiency.


Our transfer screws are thoroughly inspected before they are certified for sale. We have stringent quality assurance criteria that our products must pass. This criteria includes a 12-point dimensional, visual and physical inspection. These tests include the following:

  • Centerpoint acuteness

  • Centerpoint tip rise above crown

  • Crown diameter

  • Crown sharpness

  • Crown cavity depth

  • Shoulder height measurement

  • Center-Center Critical Dimension

  • Thread precision and quality

  • Eveneness of black oxide application

  • Dirt, debris and grease cleaning

  • Impression testing

  • Dents, marring and scratch inspection

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