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Package - 7 piece set includes handle and 6 screws

Tool Handle - Screws store in handle

Tool Driver - Drives and removes the screws

Case Hardened - Heat treated

Carbon Steel - High grade for long durability

Black Oxide Finished - Rust preventative exterior

Precision Manufactured - Dependable accuracy

Countersink - Precise center-point transfer to material





We added this outstanding transfer screw to our product line-up because of it's versatility and capabilities it brings to the shop floor. It has complimentary features to our original Nielsen Transfer Screws because it gives our customers a wider range of options when choosing the Alexander brand. Just like our Nielsen Transfer Screws, these are machined to high precision for uniform and dependable accuracy. These allow duplicating multiple size hold patterns and setting locations to threaded, drilled and reamed holes rapid and precise. Used by fabricators, machinists, erectors, aircraft repair and overhaul facilities, automotive repair shops, restoration professionals, model hobbyists and many types of repair shops large and small.

  • A Faster, more precise way to transfer the exact location of open and blind threaded holes to mating parts.

  • Transfer screw sets are complete, self-contained tools. The hollow handle is both a wrench and storage holder for six screws.

  • More accurate than transfer punches which must be made undersize to clear the hole, creating the possibility of misalignment.

  • Can be used in open or blind threaded holes, where transfer punches can only be used in open holes.

  • Sets Consists of Six Screws Nested in a Combination Wrench Holder.

  • Also available in metric.


Used by aspiring pattern makers found at local foundries, tradesmen use these transfer screws to transfer threaded hole locations to mount new parts that are going on various mold plates. Saves drilling unnecessary holes. The durable and resilient strength allows you to make countless marks in plastic, hardened aluminum, cast iron, ductile iron, tool steel, and B2 tooling steel. Since these are case hardened, you get a long lasting, durable product that delivers precision every time.

In the aviation industry, both Nielsen and Bradley-style transfer screws serve their purpose-and they do it well. Aircraft repair facilities and experimental builders get great use from these products to mark and drill the skin of aircraft and joining parts.

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If you work on cars, you will eventually have to make a bracket, gauge panel, or other useful item out of sheet metal or aluminum. If you’re like us, layout procedures and all of those time-saving fabricator tips are wonderfully integrated in the usefulness of these transfer screws. There’s a lifetime of learning in the area of fabrication and metalworking, but with the proliferation of affordable sheet metal tools and MIG welders, we’ve begun our metalworking immersion. This tool is one that is added to the gold mine of basic, inexpensive tools that can really make your projects-large and small-experience much easier and better quality.

Featuring: Kyle Voss YouTube Channel:

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A handcrafted handle that serves as a tool and storage for individual screws, really is the complete set. Similar in functionality to our Nielsen line of screws, our Bradley's are a headless screw that packs more options in versatility. Grab a handle of these screws and take your work to the next level.

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