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We proudly manufacture a growing line of American-made, precision products. For more than 80 years, Alexander has produced superior products that our customers depend on in the Aerospace, Aviation and Automotive industries. The Alexander Tool & Supply Co. has a persistent focus on excellence to deliver the highest quality products right, the first time, every time. 

Our Nielsen Transfer Screws are a precision "headed" screw designed for rapid setup. Place any one of our 16 size screws into your work and each one will sit at the same height. These screws have many features and benefits beyond other transfer screws on the market. We machine our screws to precision tolerances, heat treat case harden them and protect them with a black oxide coating. Our precision screws are the most affordable and highest quality hand tools on the market.

Indexed Plate

Pocket Container

Loose Quantities

  • Quick Setup

  • Case Hardened

  • 16 Sizes Available

  • Black Oxide Exterior

  • Fine and Coarse Thread

  • Uniform Shoulder Height

A complimentary hand tool to our Nielsen line of transfer screws, our Bradley Transfer Screws offer more diversity as a precision headless screw. As our Nielsen brand of headed screws have a shoulder-stop for uniform alignment and rapid setup, our Bradley's have eliminated the shoulder for adjustable height settings for across multiple planes. These screws bolster a case hardened and black oxide exterior for a long lasting and durable life. These come with a dual purpose handle-tool combination for compact screw storage and toolbox organization. We offer our Bradley's in a seven-piece set with our handle-tool or in a 6-piece cartridge of screws. Details >

7-Piece Set

Carbon Steel

Case Hardened

Adjustable Height

Black Oxide Exterior

Fine and Coarse Thread


A complimentary hand tool to our original Nielsen Transfer Screws, our Bradley Screws give you more diversity in your hole pattern transferring capabilities. 

The Alexander Tool and Supply Co. has a history of high quality, precision hand tools. With this proud heritage, we bring those qualities to our line of Alexander transfer Punches. We offer a 28-piece set of punches that are machined from heat treated, tempered tool steel. Add this necessary set of tools to your toolbox and enjoy the long-lasting durability of our high quality transfer punches. Details >

Carbon Steel

Sizes: 3/32" to 1/2"

Increments of 1/64"

Slightly Undersized

Black Oxide Exterior

Hardened Working Ends

High quality transfer punches are a necessary tool for all craftsmen. Our transfer punches are guaranteed to withstand repeated use and hold up against the strongest materials. 

OEM Production

With our high-volume production capabilities and our ability to integrate with ERP platforms, we drive a winning combination to support your enterprise requirements. We value a healthy B2B relationship with all of our customers and it is crucial that we bring value in all areas to our customers. We believe in being more than just a supplier to our customers, rather we believe in being a strategic partner to your operations. By allowing us to supply you on demand or warehouse specified levels of inventory, you can keep your operations lean and cost impacts low.  Details >

Elastic Supply

ERP Integration

JIT Inventory Delivery

Inventory Management

Secure Document Transmittal

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Low to High Volume Production

Drive a lean operation by working with us to delivery products on demand, stay connected through ERP tools, and partner with us to drive value at all levels of your organization. Alexander takes pride in serving our customers in a way that drives improvement in every process.

At Alexander, precision products are our passion and it's where we excel. From our inception, Alexander has remained committed to American manufacturing and American quality. We started back in 1937 as a machine shop in Detroit, Michigan, turning our flagship Nielsen Transfer Screws into a widely used and affordable product line. Today, we still hold true to that American spirit and high quality products that are still produced in Detroit. 


Thank you for choosing Alexander as your tooling and supply source for American-made products.

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