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Case Hardened - heat treated, reinforced case

Carbon Steel - high grade for long durability

Black Oxide Treated - rust preventative exterior

Precision Manufactured - dependable accuracy

Shoulder - uniform height for rapid setup

Counter-Punch - precise center-point transfer to material

Precision Crown - transfers hole diameter impression

Featuring up to 16 sizes, the Nielsen brand of screws have been trusted since 1937. Nielsen Transfer Screws are the most versatile hole transfer system on the market, at a fraction of the cost of automated machinery. With rapid setup features, our screws are auto-aligned as soon as they are seated--no guess work, no adjusting. Used by fabricators, machinists, erectors, aircraft repair and overhaul facilities, automotive repair shops, restoration professionals, model hobbyists and more.

Sizes and Sets



Quality Inspection

Our products pass a 12-point quality assurance evaluation including dimensional, visual and physical inspections. Here is what we qualify before resale:

  • Center-punch sharpness

  • Center-punch rise above crown

  • Crown diameter

  • Crown sharpness

  • Crown cavity depth

  • Shoulder height measurement

  • Center-Center Critical Dimension

  • Thread precision and quality

  • Evenness of black oxide application

  • Dirt, debris and grease cleaning

  • Impression testing

  • Dents, marring and scratch inspection

Packaging Options

Nielsen Transfer Screws have several packaging options to meet our customer's needs. Since the inception of our transfer screw, we have packaged them by securing the screws in multiples of 12 to a durable card. Today, we are exploring new and innovative ways to package our products smartly so as to reduce costs and the impacts on our environment. Here are some of our packaging options:

Indexed Cards

12 count plastic card securely holds our screws in place. Plate arrangements can also be configured to hold multiple sizes and sold as sets from #0 N.C. through #4 N.C. Each card is nicely labeled with screw sizes and company branding.

Clamshell Packaging

A convenient re-closable, rigid plastic container with pocket divides to keep your transfer screws nice and organized. This useful container is most beneficial for keeping multiple screw sizes organized when purchasing our sets.

Poly Re-sealable Bags

Loose quantities packaged in sealed poly bags. Allows for ordering in bulk and convenient for quickly grabbing and dispersing throughout your shop.





Our Nielsen Transfer Screws are the original screws that Alexander started manufacturing in 1937. The design and functionality has held true to it form since the inception because it is reliable, durable and affordable. Throw a set of these transfer screws in your toolbox today and you'll immediately see the benefits of having a precision Alexander tool.


Used by aspiring pattern makers found at local foundries, tradesmen use these transfer screws to transfer threaded hole locations to mount new parts that are going on various mold plates. Saves drilling unnecessary holes. The durable and resilient strength allows you to make countless marks in plastic, hardened aluminum, cast iron, ductile iron, tool steel, and B2 tooling steel. Since these are case hardened, you get a long lasting, durable product that delivers precision every time.

In the aviation industry, both Nielsen and Bradley-style transfer screws serve their purpose-and they do it well. Aircraft repair facilities and experimental builders get great use from these products to mark and drill the skin of aircraft and joining parts.

Source: Kyle Voss YouTube Channel:

Source: Kyle Voss YouTube Channel:

If you work on cars, you will eventually have to make a bracket, gauge panel, or other useful item out of sheet metal or aluminum. If you’re like us, layout procedures and all of those time-saving fabricator tips are wonderfully integrated in the usefulness of these transfer screws. There’s a lifetime of learning in the area of fabrication and metalworking, but with the proliferation of affordable sheet metal tools and MIG welders, we’ve begun our metalworking immersion. This tool is one that is added to the gold mine of basic, inexpensive tools that can really make your projects-large and small-experience much easier and better quality.

Common Uses

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