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Package - 7 piece set includes handle and 6 screws

Tool Handle - Screws store in handle

Tool Driver - Drives and removes the screws

Case Hardened - Heat treated

Carbon Steel - High grade for long durability

Black Oxide Finished - Rust preventative exterior

Precision Manufactured - Dependable accuracy

Countersink - Precise center-point transfer to material





  • Eliminates the guesswork when transferring threaded, drilled, or reamed holes

  • Includes 3/32 in. to 1/2 in. punches (by 64ths) and 17/32 in. punch

  • 0.0025 in. undersize for easy use

  • Carbon steel construction

  • Hardened working ends

  • Storage case

The Alexander Transfer Punch set eliminates the guesswork when transferring threaded, drilled or reamed holes! The carbon steel construction and hardened working ends on this punch set, transfer hold patterns and locations to threaded holes, quick and easy. Includes a handy storage case for easy organization making this transfer punch set ideal for any metal worker or machinist!

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