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1/2"-13 and 1/2"-20  |  NIELSEN TRANSFER SCREWS

Threaded-Hole-Location Tool

Transfer Screws For Closed-End Holes

by Alexander Tool & Supply Co.


Our 1/2-13 Transfer Screws fall into our large screw category. These come in either coarse or fine thread options. Each screw is machined to precise tolerances and quality inspected for form, fit and function. We take great pride in our manufacturing capabilities and our consistent quality. Each screw you receive, you can expect the same great quality that delivers precise results with every use.



- 12 precision screws

- Packaging Options: Poly Resealable Bags or Indexed Durable Cards

- Labeled packaging for easy identification and organization

- 12-point quality inspection on every screw



Case Hardened - Heat treated, reinforced case

Carbon Steel - High grade USA Steel for long durability
Black Oxide Treated - Protected exterior from rust and corrosion

Precision Manufactured - Machined to .0002” crown diameter; punch within .010”

Shoulder - Uniform shoulder height – any size configuration can transfer in the same plane at once

Center Punch - Penetrates work surface .010” to .015” consistently
Precision Crown - Transfers leave a witness diameter, registering an exact duplicate of the original holes



These screws are widely used in the following applications:

- fabricators and machinists

- machine erectors

- millwrights

- machine repair and overhaul

- aircraft builders (large OEM manufacturers to small custom built planes)

- auto restoration and customization



There are many additional uses. These include:

- High-friction devices for safety products

- Hardened cleats for wheel chocks

- Ice cleats for rubberized mats

- Anti-slip devices for freight haulers and semi-truck drivers



Hardened carbon steel for durable use on steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood, and more.


If you need special quantities, contact us, and we can customize any order to your needs.

1/2" | Nielsen Transfer Screws

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