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Let's face it--not all sizes are used equally! And eventually you'll need to replace one set of sizes before another. So don't get "screwed"--get recharged with Nielsen Recharge Packs!


Recharge kits are the economical way to replace select transfer screw sizes in your Professional and Starter Kit Series sets. Traditionally, you would have to buy an entirely new set when a specific tool sizes wears out or gets damaged. Nielsen products keep the consumer in mind and we're here to keep your tools stocked, in the most economical way!


Recharge kits come in an 8-piece pinwheel container with individual cavities that protect the tool from damage, dirt, dust, and debris. Each package is clearly marked and indexed for easy identification of the contents inside--and it's also transparent so you can visually see the contents for a quick view.


Order a pack--or two, or three--and keep your Pro Series and Starter Kits fully stocked.


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