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By using Nielsen Transfer Screws, blind screw holes may be transferred to new work in a fraction of the time compared to other methods.


Simply insert the transfer screws in the holes to be transferred, invert, and strike a sharp blow to record the true circle and true center on the mating surface.

Nielsen Transfer Screws are precision hand tools that eliminate the guesswork when transferring threaded, drilled or reamed holes. Machined to high precision for uniform and dependable accuracy making duplicating hold patterns and setting locations to threaded holes rapid and precise. Nielsen Transfer Screws are a "headed" screw that feature a uniform shoulder height for quick and easy setup. Multiple hole patterns can be transferred simultaneously.

Case Hardened - (add heat treat spec)

Carbon Steel - high grade for long durability

Black Oxide Finished - rust preventative exterior

Precision Manufactured - dependable accuracy

Shoulder Height - uniform for rapid setup

Countersink - Precise center-point transfer to material

Precision Crown - transfers hole diameter impression


  • Sixteen sizes are available from No. 10 to 3/4 in. 

  • Duplication of screw holes is done efficiently and accurately, without damage to matrix or new work. 

  • Screws can be used repeatedly and in multiples. 

  • Eliminates the hassle of losing layout marks from drill chips or drilling fluids erasing or mutilating a layout made with dividers. 

  • Error is eliminated, as every hole is an exact transfer of the original work. 

  • Long life is assured as Nielsen Transfer Screws are case-hardened. 

  • An accurate drilling template is formed because the center penetrates the work to depth of .010in to .38mm, and leaves a witness diameter, registering a perfect duplicate of the original holes. 

  • Holes of various sizes may be transferred in the same plane, at one impression, as Nielsen Transfer screws have a uniform shoulder height for all sizes. 

  • Unlike headless setscrews, some times used for this purpose, Nielsen Transfer Screws are uniform in height with accurate circles and centers.

  • No guesswork, no waste of time lining screws up for even height. Nielsen Transfer Screws are self-aligning.


Our products are Quality Guaranteed and inspected by certified AS9100C:2008 audit and inspection personnel. Each transfer screw is thoroughly inspected before they are certified for sale. We have stringent quality assurance criteria that our products must pass. This criteria includes a 10-point dimensional, visual and physical testing. These tests include the following:

  • Centerpoint acuteness

  • Centerpoint tip rise above crown

  • Crown diameter

  • Crown sharpness

  • Crown cavity depth

  • Shoulder height measurement

  • Thread precision and quality

  • Eveneness of black oxide application

  • Dirt, debris and grease cleaning

  • Impression testing

  • Dents, marring and scratch inspection


Nielsen Precision Transfer Screws have several packaging options to meet our customer's needs. Since the inception of our transfer screw, we have packaged them by securing the screws in sets of multiples of 12. Today, we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to package our products smartly so as to reduce costs and the impacts on our environment. Here are some of our packaging options:

  • Transfer screw plate securing the screws in multiples of 12 same size screws. Plate arrangements can also be configured to hold different sizes and sold as sets: #0 N.C. through #4 N.C.

  • Loose quantities packaged in sealed poly bags

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